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Our City Farm and CSA grows a stunning and unique variety of heirloom produce and raises heritage chickens which lay rich, farm-fresh eggs. We also pasture raise and hand process meat chickens that are steroid antibiotic-free. We employ proven, sustainable growing practices that benefit the soil; allowing us to produce restaurant-quality produce without pesticides, fungicides or synthetic fertilizers.

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Our 5th Season and We Keep on Growing!

Posted by Jeri Villarreal :: Thursday, March 26 :: 9:15pm

Today I realized that we are starting our fifth season farming! It really seems like yesterday I was just a young backyard farmer with a few chickens, 10 raised beds and a dream to continue to grow. That is just what happened! A year and a half later, I found a vacant lot in the city and saw a dream coming true. Today when I pulled up to the farm, I was beaming with pride and joy remembering those times and being able to see my dream become reality. From 10 raised beds to 50 raised beds and 4 fifty-foot berms and a hydroponic greenhouse. From backyard chickens to a 12x14 coop and a 3,500 square-foot chicken yard. We've truly come a long way.

The farm is now fenced and it's time to install what I think will be one of the most beneficial and important feature of the farm. The Edible Landscape. This will 1000 square feet of growing space in the front of our farm dedicated solely for the benefit of the community. Imagine naturally grown, beautiful fruits and vegetable available at the fingertips of any passerby that it interested in trying them. This is a way to reach out to the entire community and give back a bit. I hope encourages kids to try a new food and for people to want to learn more about growing their own food. I cannot wait to complete the installation. The first work day on this project is scheduled for Saturday, March 26th from 11:00 AM until 3:00 PM. We would love to have you help out with this very exciting project! Sign Up and Join Us!


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