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Because of you, we have transformed a vacant lot into an amazing urban farm that supports 30 families, a farmer's market and several small stores and restaurants. You helped make our dream a reality and we will be forever grateful for your support and generosity!


Our City Farm is working hard to provide access to naturally and locally-grown produce, eggs and poultry for all members of our communit. The first step in our project is to secure the land in which we want to farm. The farm is located located on a vacant city-owned lot in the Central West End of St. Louis City. This location will serve as a hub for urban food production, distribution, sustainable living and education. We need close on this property to ensure that our hard work is not wasted.

 Making Our Dream a Reality

We've put a contract on the land and have a year to execute the project. We have only a few days left to reach our funding goal. Will you help us grow?

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Our Urban Farm will benefit the immediate neighborhood as well as the entire city of St. Louis in a variety of ways:

  • Providing locally and naturally-grown produce to residents and restaurants
  • Creating a recreational opportunity near downtown through gardening and physical activities in the garden, enjoying nature, experiencing urban farm animals.
  • Providing long-term, internship and seasonal green-collar employment opportunities and job skills for community youth and other community members
  • Creating a space to gain hands-on knowledge about food, food sources and food choices
  • Changing the way urban communities think about their land and environment and spark creative and innovative solutions to difficult urban issue
  • Reducing the environmental impact of transporting and importing food from rural communities to urban communities
  • Creating a micro-economy of networked urban producers that sustain their families, each other and their immediate community
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