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Whether signing up for a day of work at the farm or enrolling in our V.A.L.U.E. program, WE NEED YOU! Company just makes the work go faster and chances are you'll have a lot of fun.  Here are some of our exciting opportunities:

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Part-Time Farm Hand Internship: Whether planting, seeding, harvesting, weeding, washing or packaging, there isalways plenty of excitement on the farm. Workers must be at least 15 years old accompanied by an adult. We'll get you up to speed, assign you a task and before you know it, you're a farmer!


CSA Work Day Credit: Save 25% off of your CSA price by working one day a month during the CSA session. Five work days will save you up to $200 per session. You must be a current or enrolling CSA member.


V.A.L.U.E.:Our non-profit organization designed to work with the community to provide education and guidance to the community about urban agriculture, food justice and healty eating by providing the following services:

FREE Weekend Workshops
Farm Internship and Training Program
Planting, maintaining and harvesting crops
Organic pest management
Sustainable farming practices
Chicken Keeping (maint., egg care and processing)
Urban farm start-up
Marketing and Produce Sales

V,.A.L.U.E. will host 2-4 farm interns each year (1-3 in the first year) as part of our urban farmer training and employment program. As these farmers are trained, we will work with them to acquire land within their neighborhoods to initiate their own urban farms. Through this process, we can create a network of urban farmers all over St. Louis to create living-wage jobs and to provide quality, local food to local markets and residents.

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